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Financial Stability

Financial Stability

Risk and Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Continuity of Earnings, Liquidity & Equity

How does your organization identify, process & use information that relates to its risks?

The two most effective approaches are to conduct:

1.) Risk Assessment

The process of identifying and qualifying specific operational risks, their severity and potential to disrupt the business.

2.) Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

The BIA is used to quantify the impact that could occur to the company if any business function or department is unavailable for any reason.

When combined, the risk intellegence produced is critical for identifying where your most vulnerable and time sensitive operations are so investments can be made to protect them or prioritize their recovery in a crisis.

The basics of understanding your corporate risk universe and appetite for risk start with asking:

– What can go wrong?

– How likely is it?

– What are the consequences?

Protect all Stakeholders

Any decision-making process conducted during a crisis should be risk informed not risk based.

Correctly done, a risk assessment and Business Impact Analysis provide the analytics for establishing a risk informed business continuity program.

This program can then be counted on to guide and protect your workforce, brand value and what drives earnings through any adversity.

The Unexpected Happens … Be Ready! ®

Financial Stability

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